Different from a shared web hosting account where the data is backed up by the service provider, when you use a virtual or a dedicated hosting server you'll need to keep manual backups since such a service is not provided by default. As superior as a web server might be, there's always the possibility that something might go wrong. For instance, you might delete some content by accident or a script-driven app could get damaged after an update. In case you have a backup, you won't have to concern yourself with such issues because the content can be easily restored. Considering that it may not be quite practical to do this regularly on your end, we supply an optional backup service for all of our web server solutions and we will store a copy of your content on an independent hosting server to be certain that it is undamaged no matter what. With the upgrade, you can work on your web server without having to worry that you could lose any information due to any reason.

Weekly Backup in VPS Servers

The backup upgrade can be acquired for all VPS hosting plans that we offer irrespective of the disk space they provide or how much of it you actually use. You can add it whenever you want, so if you want our system to make a copy of the content you have on the hosting server from the very beginning, you'll be able to choose the upgrade on the order page, while in case you decide that you want to use it once your sites are already set up, you can order it with a few mouse clicks through your billing Control Panel. Because we will keep a copy of all things you create or upload on the machine every week, we will be able to restore any content right away. The backups are an element of our Managed Services pack, so you can pick if you want just this upgrade or to have your content backed up as a part of a number of other maintenance services.

Weekly Backup in Dedicated Servers

When you go for one of our dedicated web hosting plans, it'll take you just a several clicks to add the backup service that we offer, so you will not need to be concerned about any critical information you have on the web server. The upgrade comes with 50 gb of disk space on an individual server and goes through every week. You can obtain it along with the dedicated web server and have backups from the very beginning or you can include it in an existing account via the billing Control Panel. The regular backups are also included in our Managed Services bundle, which shall make the administration of your dedicated server easier as it features other useful features also - Operating System updates, custom work from our professionals, etc. With a copy of your info kept safely and securely, you can improve your sites and keep them up-to-date all the time because you will always have a backup that could be restored within a couple of minutes if anything bad happens.