Even though working with emails is an effortless action, managing the email accounts for your web site could be a wearisome operation. If you do not possess a user–friendly user interface, such as the E Mail Accounts Manager that will help complete the task. It arrives with many different integrated important tools that will assist you execute complicated tasks in just a few clicks of the mouse. Look into what our own E Mail Accounts Manager is capable of doing for YOU!

Anti–Spam Protection

Spam will be kept out of your e–mail accounts

We’ve launched a customizable anti–spam tool that makes use of expertly devised algorithms to narrow the inbound messages. Determined by what is the type of the spam messages you have, you can actually control the amount of protection. However, be cautious with the higher level of protection, because it could filter out important messages. You can even define a special degree of spam defense for each and every mailbox you have.

All junk mail messages could be either deleted or sent to a particular mailbox. It is easy to decide which action you want from the anti–spam protection tool’s interface.

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Email Forwarding

Reroute messages from one e–mail account to another

We have made it very simple if you want to forward e–mail messages from a mailbox to a different one in your cloud hosting plans account. Everything you need to do is select the e–mail account that you’d like to forward and then fill in the destination mailbox where you wish all of the messages to be delivered to.

It’s also possible to enable a copy of every forwarded message to be left within the email account which you already have forwarded.

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Email Filters

Set your mailbox in order

Employing the E Mail Accounts Manager of your Control Panel, it is really simple to create brand new e–mail filters. What you need to actually do is identify the keywords that’ll be applied to filter messages and precisely where the filter has to look for them (subject, body, etc.) and then opt for the steps that will be applied to the filtered emails.

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Email Protection

DomainKeys together with SPF protection for your e–mail address

We’ve taken procedures to help secure your email accounts from junk activities. Through the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) protection solution you’ll be able to select the servers that are authorized to send out mail regarding your domain name. That way, e–mails looking like they’re out of your website that didn’t originated from your allowed set of servers will be instantly cast to the spam directory.

We’ve at the same time enabled DomainKeys for all of the mail accounts in your web site hosting account. DomainKeys is an e–mail certification system that establishes the reliability of any email message by verifying the mail server of the sender in addition to the message integrity.

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Email Auto–Configure Option

1–click installation of mail accounts on your laptop

We have introduced an auto–configure option to the E Mail Accounts Manager so you can create e–mail accounts on your desktop client with merely a click of the mouse. To obtain the auto–configuration file for a chosen email address, simply click on the symbol of the mail client that you want to employ. The email address will be created instantly in your favored desktop client, completely ready to work with!

One can find settings files for Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express and then Mac Mail, located in the main area of the E Mail Accounts Manager.

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Check your e–mail address from anywhere

Employing webmail, you can easily look at your e–mail messages from any desktop machine or a notebook, all over the world. It’s all completed by a web browser, so it is not necessary to have any kind of mail client configured within your device. Use the URL that we provide you with to log in your e–mail account through any Internet–connected device.

You can also log into your email account with a mouse–click through the Webmail area of your Control Panel. All you need to do is select an e–mail address and then click on the webmail client icon to access it. You do not have to enter any kind of e–mail login data.

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